Love you, but......

Sorry Dolce and Gabbana, we LOVE YOU but …… if you put A-Morir and Moo glasses together you get yours?

How to style your High Tops?

We know it is so simple but why are so many guys afraid to try it? Styling your high tops comes down to one thing.... show them off! You have just spent money finding the perfect pair so invest in a pair of trousers that are elasticated at the ankle; this means you have no excess fabric getting in your way. Markus Lupfer's AW12 collection is right on trend. What we love about Markus Lupfer is that his trousers come in various colors and fabrics. (His grey woolen jogging bottoms and black tuxedo trousers are seen above.)

Fix up, look sharp!

Fix up, look sharp is our newest blog post about accessorising your favourite shirt! Enjoy the snippets of Maria Francesca Pepe and many others in the shoot but come into store to discover more of our treasures on display. Our favourite has to be the collar pins for the ladies and ceramic knot tie for the men, it adds a little something extra dont you think? 

In tribute to UAE 41st National Day

We know, we know they are amazing, we posted about these tribute rings on our facebook page but thought we would show you them tried and tested! In tribute for United Arab Emirates 41st National Day jewelry house Sough to release a set of 4 silver knuckle rings, each holding one color of the UAE flag.  

Sough is an in house brand and Jewellery works company based in United Arab Emirates by Designer and founder Sheikha Fatima Al Qassimi. "We make our own handmade jewellery for our own brand SOUGH as well as our guest designers around the globe." 
Bullets and Butterflies, a concept store carrying multiple brands from different parts of the world and focusing mainly on promising emerging designers. "At B&B, we are always on the look out for fresh and exciting talent. Sough was the ideal brand to collaborate with for this joyful event in honor of a great nation." 

We want to hear your opinion on them too so once you have purchaced your rings take your picture and post it on our facebook page timeline, cant wait to see how you style them! 

Available from 25/26th November, exclusively at Bullets and Butterflies, Limited editions. The other rings featured in this trial are by Maria Francesca Pepe.

Steal her style

JLo will perform in Dubai on November 22 as part of her 'Dance Again' world tour. She will be performing hits from across her expansive career including global No.1 "On the Floor". Her Dubai concert is your only chance to see JLo in the Middle East. 
The concert is sold out. 
(we are so glad we have tickets)

JLo has been a style icon from the beginning of the career with her ‘Jenny from the block’ look to flaunting her amazing curves in stunning red carpet dresses! At Bullets and Butterflies we have stolen her style for the day and put together two looks, one red carpet and one evening look. 

Do you mix like Monet?

Monet mixes bright and dull colours together to create artistic masterpieces! Whats your twist on this statement, do you pop a bright accessory with a dull coloured outfit, or do you dress in the colours of the rainbow? What ever you do, dress to your personality and you will pull the look off, no one can even question your style if it is totally you! Personally I like an even combination like in our shop display window the ITEMS EDITION black skirt teams perfectly with the FUNKTIONAL electric blue shirt, I would team hot pink lips with the combo to add more colour, oh and finish it off with a gorgeous ANGEL JACKSON sequin bag! 

Scarf Fetish

Lara Bohinc and Emma Cook are a couple of designers we stock at Bullets and Butterflies, they are fabulous as are their scarves! In the UAE a scarf is an essential accessory and can polish off your outfit or even be the inspiration behind your everyday style. We know how important this accessory is to you, that is why we have the most beautiful cashmere and silk scarves in store, they are irresistible to touch! See our scarf display below what do you think, can we tempt you? 

Alt-J (∆), Tokyo Milk and Herve Domar what a combo!!

The Atmosphere in store today is so alive, with National day and our 2nd Birthday (grand opening) approaching its not only visual things that are taking our fancy. As Humans we have 5 senses; sight, smell, touch, sound and taste. We have all of these covered except taste here at Bullets and Butterflies for the most pleasurable shopping experience. 

New found love for ALT-J (∆) is passionate to say the least! Their music and videos give you so much inspiration. Bullets and Butterflies is all about the fresh talent from around the world, picking up various cultures and making it one.

Tokyo Milk's fragrances will stay with you for days once the delicious smell hits your nasal cavity there is no going back. This is why Tokyo Milk's fragrances are our best selling beauty products ever. Try DEAD SEXY for a seductive scent that no man could resist! 

Herve Domar's TANZANITE Eau De Parfum will make you a true Peacock!  It is such a smooth scent that it makes sweet talking so last year. With precious stones in the fragrance not only will you smell like a million dirhams you will look like it too!

How to Rock Leather and Beat the Heat?

Leather is a staple fabric this season and with the weather cooling try small accents of leather on any garment. Working it onto a little black dress is pure genius, see Rebecca Taylor's AW12 collection in Bullets and Butterflies.

A whole stack of memories never equals one little hope.

Stack them high. Bangles add a little funk to an ordinary outfit, play around with colours and shapes to really make a statement. Clashing colours and sizes add depth to your ensemble, see how we have done it with our Eddie Borgo, Dominic Jones and Maria Francesca Pepe ranges all at Bullets and Butterflies.

 (The scarf featured in the top left image is by Emma Cook, see the various scarves we have in store.)

VOGUE December issue (sneak preview)

 At Bullets and Butterflies we have managed to get our sticky fingers on a sneak preview of Vogue UK's main fashion shoot featuring Cutler and Cross sunglasses. Feast your eyes on these!

Cutler and Gross (Mens Fashion)

A-Morir is a big name to stand up to (see previous post), who else but Cutler and Gross could compete against them even though Cutler's designs are more reserved. The Cutler and Gross customer has always been an individual, craving the handcrafted feel of a bespoke pair of glasses, the tiny inaccuracies that give them character and make them unique to the wearer. 

My idea of design is a bit old-fashioned. It should be practical, functional then look good – in that order”
— Graham Cutler, February 2008


A-Morir designs are as flamboyant as you are going to get for a pair of sunglasses. Rita Ora has been snapped in a pair of A-Morir’s recently as well as many other celebrities such as Katie Perry and Lady Gaga.  At Bullet and Butterflies we stock an array of different individual styles. These exclusive hand made glasses not only put you high up the fashion radar, they are also great fun (their best attribute is they go with almost anything!) They even go well with our mannequin!

Vivid Dreams and Fragile Machines

In "Vivid Dreams and Fragile Machines", Shaden's first solo in the region, each image expresses its own narrative, describing a curious world where dreams and nightmares merge. Each photograph peers into lives of characters that the viewer will find both intriguing and bizarre. Shaden leads you down a rabbit hole where vast landscapes and rich hues contain larger than life protagonists who appear to be troubled and freed. GPP is located - Alserkal Avenue gallery complex in Al Quoz.
What to wear? Team up a smart and casual combo with bold accessories for this expressive showcase, this works so well for men and women. 
Cutler and Cross, Thvm, Markus Lupfer, Android Homme all at Bullets and Butterflies. 

Angel Jackson, Akong London, Mih Jeans, KAIN, Lara Bohinc all at Bullets and Butterflies.