On a Day like Today...

A little look on what the Bullets & Butterflies team are up to!!

 Right now we are......

Listening to: Haim - The Wire - loooooooving this track right now

Addicted to: TOKYO MILK - Fall Fragrances 

Perfect size to carry around in your bag - I'm absolutely obsessed with these scents!
Dark Excess - To D I E for
Song in D Minor - Imagine smelling like amber, gardenia, orange flower and white orchid - your perfect everyday scent!
Dead Sexy - I'm not lying, it really is!!  

I'll have one of you, you and YOU.. thanks!

Busy with: Website Launch... not long to go and these beauties will literally be a few clicks away - we are buzzing with excitement over here! 

Gift wrap - check
Cool brands - check
Bit of bling - of course!
And website... coming soon!!

Excited about: VOGUE FNO - Yes we are only one day and away and only everyone will be there! We are excited to be seeing Mira Duma, Chiara Ferragni and Solange DJing at the Dubai Mall tomorrow night. It's gonna be a good one!!!

What will you be wearing?

I'm feeling very Georgia Hardigne... 

Favorite Person right now:
CARA DELEVINGNE - its a model crush! Strutting her way down some of the best catwalks such as Chanel and Valentino - this girl has captured everyone's attention.

Shop For A Cause!

Breast Cancer Awareness

What is breast cancer awareness and what is the importance of this month you may ask? 
Well, its an annual campaign to increase awareness of the disease and raise funds to research the cause, how to prevent, diagnose, treat and cure! Major Charities from all over focus their efforts this month to raise funds to put towards the research for the above mentioned and also help support those who have personally been affected by it or know of someone who has.

Take the steps to have a plan to detect the disease in its early stages and encourage others to do the same!

Bullets & Butterflies is going pink this month by donating 20% from all sales of selected items towards breast cancer research!
Shop for a cause this month and support us in doing what we can to help!

Gold Rush....

New York Fashion Week has set one of the hottest make up trends this season with rich subtle shades of gold being seen on some of our favorite designer catwalks such as Christian Dior, Dries Van Noten and Jason Wu.

One of my faves is the Christian Dior brows - gotta love it!!

Out and About...

A Little How to always comes in Handy!

Fashion Contributor Nausheen Shah looks fabulous in Georgia Hardinge Silk Book Print shirt at 
Paris Fashion Week. 
Get the look and stay on trend this season with Bullets & Butterflies!
Monochrome is all the craze this season - but add a splash of color with your accessories and stay bright this Winter.

Fashion Tutorial| Oragami on Print!

Georgia Hardinge has revolutionized the way we think of Origami - cleverly adding complex symmetrical prints onto pieces of garment for the FW13 collection.

Let the outfit do the talking with these amazing prints!!