Dress like a Model.. Feel like a Model...

Dress like a Model.. Feel like a Model...

We love models street style, from London to Paris and NewYork, they all have a great aesthetic. You do not have to look like a model to pull these looks off.. just feel like one when your wearing these looks inspired by their wardrobes. Featuring Cara Delevingne, Joan Smalls, David Gandy, Ben Hill as well the trend setter couple; Olivia Palermo and Johannes Huebl. 

Whos Who?

Who's Who? 

This season its all about textures, to create a textured look mix a variety
 of fabrics and  top with fine designer jewelry... Here are some of our favorites in store! 
(kindly modeled by our feathery friend) 







This and That on the Way We Work

Some tidbits on what's happening at our office today. 

Right now,we're.... 

Listening to:

Holding: A cup of Bouddha Bleu from Mariage Frères. 

Unpacking: Markus Lupfer SS13 menswear latest delivery

Breton Stripe Checked Beetle Jumper

Lusting after: anything in amber. 

Selling out of: Funktional's Weiland Sheer Back Sweater (also available in black/gold).
Embrace a bit of sparkle

Questioning: The success of short films hitting the cinema mainstream. 

Recommending: Cutler and Gross's 0740 Gold aviators for a bit of understated edge. 

Timeless luxury

Les Misérables

If you haven't seen the film adaptation of the epic musical Les Misérables, I highly recommend that you make time to go see it.  

The characters of the star-studded film were dressed by costume designer Paco Delgado, who thought through every detail, every color scheme strategically in every scene. The 
craftsmanship feature was simply impeccable.

Our twitchy fingers picked up a few, more wearable items which are inspired by the era.

Goodbye Tangerine, Hello Mr. Green

2013 is all about prosperity and growth so why not express that energy sartorially with the Pantone color of the year: Emerald Green. 

The luxurious color compliments almost every skin tone and hair color. Here are some of the pieces we carry in the lush shade. 

earings by Mawi, bag by Angel Jackson
Men's boat shoes by Android Homme

Vintage-inspired oversized clutch by Angel Jackson

"The cheerful selection of on-trend pieces will make it easy for customers to infuse the perfect color into any outfit"

Stay ahead of the game- Spring style

Jumper by Emma Cook, Glasses by Cutler and Gross, Bangles by NOir,
Dress by KAIN and Shoes by Lara Bohinc

Jacket by IRo, Glasses by Amorir, Shirt by IRo, Trousers by IRO, Shoes by Darmaki 

Headpiece by Beniot Missolin, Dress by IRO, Shirt by IRO, Ring by Maria Frances Pepe, Shirt by Cut25

Headpiece by Benoit Missolin, Necklace by NOir, Top by KAIN, Ring by Maria Francesca Pepe, Jeans by MIH 

Headband by Benoit Missolin, Ring by Maria Francesca Pepe Shoes by Darmaki,
Dress by Felder and Felder, Dress by Cut25, Glasses by Amorir.

In store discounts 70% off limited selections

Its DSF and all the sales are coming in, we thought we would share a few of our 70% gems with you. There are only a few left in store so get in quick! Only a few selected items are 70% off so get hunting around store, our sale will be coming soon! 

IMOGEN BELFIELD from UK, was AED 1,510 with 70% off now AED 453

IMOGEN BELFIELD from UK, was AED 1,385 with 70% off now AED 415.50

Giles and Brother from USA, was AED 970 with 70% off now AED 291

Chains of Love from Canada, was AED 290 with 70% off now AED 87

Giles and Brother from USA, was AED 1,035 with 70% off now AED 310.50
Giles and Brother from USA, was AED 1,360 with 70% off now AED 408

Giles and Brother from USA, was AED 950 with 70% off now AED 285

Chains of Love from Canada, was AED 350 with 70% off now AED 105

Items Edition, New Edition its a New Year!

Its a New Year, so we thought we would share our new little secret with you. Items Edition is a little known brand from Italy with the most slimming of materials made into studded fashionable pieces. We have their collection in store from smart office dresses to party dresses. Slimming T's and leggings. Our window display is a clear visual dedication to our new love, how do you think its compared with our other brands in store?