Show me your teeth!

Bite me, why don't you?

I know i have been quite inactive with blogging lately, but it's all because we've been very busy in our office doing things to bring you juicy, juicy news.

Highlights of the week

One...We landed our first interview with Grazia this week and it's been fun talking about how this whole thing came together so, make sure you get your copy of next week's issue to know things that haven't been discussed here or anywhere else. 

Two...We received our last few shipments of goodies for this season and, they will be out on the shop floor soon so, stay tuned for updates on brands and best selling pieces. 

Three...Hmmmm...oooh! A customer came by this week and bought a Union Jack door mat amongst other items. He was nice enough to send us a picture of his newly-purchased home accessory in place. Take a look...

Image courtesy of Khalifa Al Suwaidi

You, too, can send us images of your fab finds from B&B and we'll upload them. 

Anyway, I hope you people had a lovely, freakishly-cool weekend. 

The only right way to end this weekend is by playing Dash Berlin's Never Cry Again number loud enough to throw you in a trance state.... to your Halloweekend. 

Edit: The title is inspired by a saying a friend of mine would use a little more than necessary. Shout out to my one and only Queen B. 


Featured Designers Part 2

The only reason i'm doing part two so soon is because the designers i'll be mentioning here have seen great sales since the opening and i worry that if i wait a couple of more days, the store will have run out of their items by then. 

But before i get into that i would like to answer a question that i've been  asked a gazillion times....

Who's the creative genius behind our logo and branding? Well, it's the conception of a local graphic designer, Komraids. Let me tell you, that one...... could give any creative agency a run for their money. Check out more of her work here.

Moving on....

A-Morir by Kerin Rose 

A designer with a client list that includes Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Snoop Dogg, Katy Perry and other star studded names like those is one that never fails to make you utter in a breathless manner. Her theatrical work has been known to drop jaws and sprain necks. 

A-Morir's eyewear has been featured in magazines, tv and, music videos many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many........times. 

WARNING: The images below might cause occurrence of abnormal behavior. Symptoms include: screen hugging, uncontrollable crying and other unidentified reactions. 

Yes! Lace-covered sunnies....TTDF!

I swear, these images dont do them justice! 

Okaaaay....since you guys require a little reorientation,  i'll move onto a more mellow designer (whhhaaatt??) who's been embraced and loved by many so far.

Stolen Girlfriends Club 

The designers behind this brand are former professional New Zealand surfers Dan Gosling, Marc Moore and Luke Harwood. This label is built around inspiration through innovative fashion, design, music and art. It's rebellious spirit is not only carried in the brand's name, but their designs too. So far, we've only stocked their menswear but hope to carry their womenswear soon. heart just skipped a beat.

Naz Cannon
His pieces perfectly define the word androgyny. No, seriously, i've never seen a designer who can make clothes and accessories look good on both genders of all ages and sizes. I'm so proud he's a local one. 

SS '11

So, Naz recently partnered up with the local artist Khawla Al Marri, and their collaboration proved to be a success. It's the epitome of the "fashion meets....pop-art" world. 


Ace Week One... Check

It's already been a week and i'm still recovering  from all the energy-sucking-moments pre-opening, but i'm definitely over the moon with how things are turning out. The store has just been a constant reminder to trend-lovers of why fashion is too good for technology and online shopping.....the details, the fitting. 

I cant say much about it now but i promise to do a lot of recapping soon (I know i tend to promise a lot, but at least i keep them.) 

On another note, the local fashion blogger, Fastidious Babe, dropped by the boutique a few days ago and was kind enough to write a piece about it on her blog, read more here.  Thank you for sharing FB, you're a dynamite. 

Did i mention that it's only been a week?

Thanks to everyone who made it possible. 

Talent, IGNITE!

As promised earlier,  I will frequently post a presentation of our favorite talent. 

To soothe your souls i will cut to the chase and show you what we've got in store for you. 

Benoit Missolin

You can see this French designer's playful spirit in his absolutely dramatic headpieces. His famous bunny ears and other witty toppers have been worn by celebrities countlessly and have been published in magazines more than thrice in one issue, at times. 

Copyright of Benoit Missolin

Copyright of Benoit Missolin

aaaahhhh........another reason to party. So glad Halloween is around the corner.

Georgia Hardinge 

Copyright of Georgia Hardinge

A very talented UK based designer who dressed up the likes of Pixie Lott, The Saturdays and, Erin O'connor. Her pieces are made to turn heads and bring in that X factor to your outfit. Check out more of her work here



Copyright of SatyenKumar

A Central St. Martins graduate, this talented designer focuses on menswear with impeccable tailoring. His work wowed editors and buyers alike and, was sold exclusively at Harrods for the first two seasons.

I wont go into presenting more brands....these are stellar enough to lust over for the day.


I apologize for letting you down by going MIA on the big day but i was (your choice of synonym for exhausted). I honestly wanted to post all the juicy stuff on the opening day. 

Store's Exterior

I'm trying to think of a way to start talking about how it all went but, as cliche as this may sound, it felt like a dream. Many friends were there to support and celebrate the beginning of Bullets and Butterflies, bless them ♥. Two people walked out of the store dressed in their freshly bought items. We've also had some random squeals from people setting eyes on a certain corner (I got a pit in my stomach every time some one did that). But, thankfully, the reviews from customers have never been more exciting. And the men's collection was also a smash hit on many levels. I'm trying to keep this as brief as possible because if I allow myself to go on, this post will be four pages long. 

Needless to say, it was everything and more i ever wanted for a first day. 

See you in This space, soon 

Restoring Sanity..Restoring Sanity..............Reboot!

Kill..errrrr winter hat 
Men's changing room 

Ladies changing room can breathe, now. 

In the next few days, i'll post a list of all the designers featured in our store this season. 


Drum Roll Please....

Hope you people had a lovely weekend and look forward to seeing this week fly by, at least i know our team is. This Thursday however should be a rather special one as it will be our first operational day. Yes, Bullets and Butterflies will inaugurate on the 7th of October, 2010!!! I will keep you posted with random sneak peeks on what we have in store for you up to the opening just to get your precious hearts racing a little. 

Till then, i bid you adieu..