Trend Watch: Bracelets for Men.

Although bracelets worn by men have dated back to ancient Greek times, the trend was overlooked for the longest time which i personally question because i find that man-bracelets make an outfit seem a little more thought-through. 

Anyway, the wrist decorating trend finally made a come-back and was spotted on the runways of Gucci, Burberry Prorsum, Paul Smith and Jean Paul Gautlier. 

And for the fellas that find the idea distasteful, I have no intention of promoting the concept of dressing you up dainty jewelry but rather introduce you to sturdier, more masculine pieces that add a little something, something to any casual attire.

Here are some pieces that are available at B&B...

Leather and hook wrap bracelet. 

Leather wrap bracelet in tan by Giles & Brother.

Leather wrapped nail and bolt bangle.

Doesn't get any more masculine than that, now, does it?

Idea sold...YES!!