Alt-J (∆), Tokyo Milk and Herve Domar what a combo!!

The Atmosphere in store today is so alive, with National day and our 2nd Birthday (grand opening) approaching its not only visual things that are taking our fancy. As Humans we have 5 senses; sight, smell, touch, sound and taste. We have all of these covered except taste here at Bullets and Butterflies for the most pleasurable shopping experience. 

New found love for ALT-J (∆) is passionate to say the least! Their music and videos give you so much inspiration. Bullets and Butterflies is all about the fresh talent from around the world, picking up various cultures and making it one.

Tokyo Milk's fragrances will stay with you for days once the delicious smell hits your nasal cavity there is no going back. This is why Tokyo Milk's fragrances are our best selling beauty products ever. Try DEAD SEXY for a seductive scent that no man could resist! 

Herve Domar's TANZANITE Eau De Parfum will make you a true Peacock!  It is such a smooth scent that it makes sweet talking so last year. With precious stones in the fragrance not only will you smell like a million dirhams you will look like it too!

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