FUR the weekend!

Fur in Dubai? Many of your non daring type will look at this and tut "Why on earth would you wear fur in Dubai!". Our response, the weather is cooling and nothing makes an outfit like fur! Add a fur collar to your jacket or blazer! Chic in an instant! 

We have put a look together that no one can question! Guys this aviator leather jacket by IRO with sheep wool collar (about the only fur you can get away with without looking pimped!) Screens ' I look good, and I know I do!' Being confident is key to surviving in Dubai so start by looking the part! You want the fur to do all the talking so wear it with a plain sweater or T and Jeans, but make sure your shoes are in top condition these Armando Cabral boots keep their shape throughout wear and come in green! 

Jacket by IRO, Top by Omar Kashoura, Shoes by Amarndo Cabral, Jeans by Thvm, Key chain by Mouton Collet

Ladies fur is easier for you to pull off so make it a statement piece! Fur creates a large silhouette so be sure to wear your skinnies or bare legged with this option. This fur waist coat is by Funktional,  the look is classic with a white shirt blue jeans and heels perfect for an outside evening meal. Do not over accessories, the fur is the main attraction you will become lost behind it if you start to layer. Always team with a glamourous pair of sunglasses! Try our Cutler and Gross collection, one of the largest in the UAE. 

Fur by Funktional, Shirt and Jeans by MIH Jeans, Shoes by Darmaki, Sunglasses by Cutler and Gross, Jewelry by NOIR

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