Putting Your Best Foot Forward

As you can tell, i am back to haunt you with all things gorgeous and in full blogging swing. While my mojo is still intact i want you to admire what we've been drooling over.

If you have an unhealthy appetite for all things fabulous then this is for you. The rest of you need to live a little and enjoy the fascinating things life and fashion have to offer, like shoes just to name one.

Darmaki Shoes
We have all been anticipating their arrival and they are here in all their glory. So, let me tell you this, Darmaki is killing it! 

You should know that the fabulous man behind them, Sultan Al Darmaki, is taking the Middle-Eastern fashion industry to a whole new level by accepting to place a pair from his debut collection permanently in none other than the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. Darmaki, what's it like to be you?

Lara Bohinc 
After the success of her jewelry and bag lines, Bohinc ventured into the footwear business and boy, did she succeed in making her shoes very much coveted after their launch. The precision of the detailing is unparalleled and her signature art deco embellishments are gorge.

I bought myself this pair and i talk to them whenever i put them on.

Also, we carry a collection of Lara Bohinc's scarves. 

  • Details 
  • Made in Italy
  • 140 x 200cm
  • 10% cashmere 90% modal

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