The Ensemble Maker; Luxe Accessories

Akong London Jewelry 

To those with a taste for richness in quality and on a hunt for what's lacking in availability. These beauties are unapologetically expensive yet, make any outfit look just as over-the-top as the price tag.

Inspiration for this fourth capsule collection of luxe statement necklaces by Nicole Akong comes from the vibrant and colourful textile crafts of mountain tribes, from the South American Andes to the far extremes of Eastern Europe.

Brightly coloured woolen, tassel and faux fur trims are stitched into chunky silver-plated and 18 carat gold-plated chains and embellished with Swarovski crystals, rich velvet ribbons and organic cords.

The collection evokes the warmth of the South American winter sun while staying true to its glamorous city roots.

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