After the curtain falls...(I'm having a moment here)

Yes, it is finally official!! We celebrated the opening of Bullets & Butterflies last week, on the 8th of december, to be specific and, arguably, it was the best "happening" that week......So, congratulations for being part of it, you guys are.............Ahhhhhmaaazing! 

The event was beyond my expectations on many levels....I was secretly throwing punches in the air and hissing a "yes" under my breath for the guest turn out, the admiration of the media and, the reviews we got at the time and afterwards. I truly hope that all who attended had a smashing time like we did. I would like to thank all of you for making it such a remarkable affair.

I would also like to thank the team who helped us put the whole thing together; Komraids, for the stunning invitations and wish cards, Dani and Neeru from CSPR group, for taking charge of organizing it to the last bit...... Nicola from Caffe Florian, for the great delectables....Sally from Mansion Models, for helping us select the hottest models in town....DJ Solo, for spinning it into a SICK opening....Jason and Enrique for the whimsical setting ....and Zeina from Fishfayce for bringing out the "kid" in all of us with the fun photo booth. 

From the B&B team, we are tremendously privileged to be hosts of such a lovely evening and we definitely look forward to having more of them. 

Speaking of happy moments, i'll be shortly announcing some exciting news so, stay tuned as i'll stick to my usual way of updating you guys. 

Much Love,

EDIT: I forgot to mention the delicious truffles and cookies we had from Sugar Box in each goodie bag. We also had some MAC products given away to guests on the night. 

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