I lust; therefore, I must indulge (Femme Fatale)

Before i start raving about our latest additions, i would like to thank everyone who got in touch with us, tweeted about us or, spread the word about Bullets & Butterflies. You guys are the best! 

Sunday Since today is when many of you go back to work after the Eid holiday, i'll try to keep this short and sweet so you can have your fix of fashion jizz and go back to doing whatever mundane task you had assigned for you. 

I recently tweeted about our latest brands arriving in store, right? Well, these brands have very different takes on what's a-la-mode this season yet both are super rad. 

Back by Ann Sofie Back 

Image courtesy of Back by Ann Sofie Back 

When Walter Hunt invented the safety pin in 1849, his motive was to pay off his debt of $15. Now, I wish he was still alive to see what a stir the safety pins are causing as a trend. Do you love them, hate them? hmmm... As you can see, we've embraced them. Their comeback has been very popular with brands and celebs. BUT.... we chose to take a different approach and have Ann Sofie Back's collection of exaggerated single safety pins on pieces rather than have pieces with them scattered all over. Oh, by the way, it was Elizabeth Hurley's safety pin dress that made her a household name and was voted the greatest dress of all time aaaaannd fastened Hugh Grant to her, well, for a while at least.  

To the haters of the pin....i see you stand corrected, now. Huh?

Ida Sjöstedt

Lace Jumpsuit. Wicked!
Snowflake Dress. Oooooh, J'adore!

This Swedish designer's elegant and playful pieces are the most feminine of what we have so far at Bullets & Butterflies. They are also the most "holiday-spirited" with emerald lace mini skirts and red checkered silk shirt-dresses. Sjostedt's collection combines luxury fabrics with great tailoring. What more could we ask for? I would best describe it as 'dark fairytale circa 70's'. With these pieces i'd go faux pas all the way and copy the model's glossy lip color for an ultimate winter look. 

This cyber 'lady-date' comes to an end here. Enough frolicking and, get back to work. 


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