Secrets to our store...

If you have never visited our store....why not?? We are conveniently located in Mercato Shopping Mall, with our brick and mortar expanding over 1,600 sqft. It is a pleasure to shop in Bullets and Butterflies with our experienced staff handling all your needs and questions, they have a wide range of knowledge of all the designers we stock in store. Having only 1 or 2 items from each collection means we are the boutique you want to shop, don't suffer the horror of bumping into someone wearing the same outfit as you! 

In store today we are burning the gorgeous scented DL&co candle in Black Dahlia.
We are playing San Cisco through the speakers for your experience.  Music and fashion go together like bread and butter, you will be surprised at emotional the music can make you feel towards a fashion statement piece. 

DL&Co Black Dahlia 

The favorite on the rails voted by buyer are Cut 25's Purple dress perfect for the party season and the limited Aviator leather jacket by IRO. 

Our best sellers in store today are Jade dress by Emma Cook and KAIN's Metalic sweater. For the men the high trend 2.5 fur high tops by Android Homme and Hooks T-shirt range.

KAIN Metallic Sweater 
Android Homme 2.5 Fur

Hooked T-shirt range

Emma Cook Jade dress

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