How to wear your blazer UAE style!

Have you wondered for years how to wear your blazer for various occasions? Look no further we have great style advice for you right here! Above are 4 of the blazers we have in store, top left: Junky Styling , all others by Omar Kashoura. 

Most men over think the blazer, it is a staple piece for the wardrobe and can be casual or smart, worn with almost anything. Get it out of your head that you can only wear a blazer with matching suit pants we are not stuck in the 90's. 

You need to get the basics first make sure your blazer is cut close to your body this makes it versatile, the fabric should be durable we would recommend Omar Kashouras Denim look Blazer. 

Casual lunch date
This could be with friends, family or a special someone and you want to feel relaxed but have a finished look team your blazer with a simple T-shirt  and light chinos. This will update your look Jeans and Blazers are unfortunately very 00's we have moved on since the millennium. 

You are not sure if it is smart or casual?  Wear your blazer with a hoodie underneath, this is great during the chiller seasons, make sure you are wearing trainers or casual shoes do not wear your smart blacks this time. You want to look casual but with a hint of sophistication. 

Dinner and the Movies 
This look is one of our favorites. It is simply achieved by wearing a crew neck T-shirt of your choice no matter if it is lighter or darker then your blazer you decide. A crew neck T-shirt is where the neck hole is very large with an almost draping effect. This is teamed with dark chinos, a darker color is more appropriate for the evening. 

Dinner Party or Night out 
This look is what most men associate with a blazer, a simple shirt. Again like the Dinner and Movies look the shirt can either be light or dark, plain or patterned but make sure the color is complimentary to the blazer. Your bottoms however should be a suit material or something similar make sure they are well fitted and darker then your blazer, for a smarter look you can compliment the trousers with a skinny belt and tuck your shirt in. 

Wedding or prestigious event 
This is where your Blazer is going to shine among a field of roses. Almost every male will be wearing a Blazer so how do you up your game? Team your shirt with a vest/waistcoat a couple of shades lighter then your blazer but darker then your shirt this gives you a slimmer silhouette. Make sure your trousers are as close to the color of the waistcoat as possible, you do not want to match your trousers to your blazer, again this will date your look.