1 Blazer, 5 looks

Blazers are always going to be a massive trend in the UAE. Fashionistas and designer alike are always sporting the look, have you ever wondered what the fuss was all about or never known what to wear it with. Maybe like me you always feel a little too smart... Here are 5 looks to change your mind. Using the same Blazer by Cut25 available at Bullets and Butterflies we have devised a fail safe guide to wearing your blazer for different occasions from uber smart to dressed down and casual. 

 How to wear your Blazer for a casual weekend look

Wear your blazer unbuttoned, with a cute pair of jeans a simple T and flats. Add accessories as you wish but remember your blazer adds a smart factor to your look, wear a relaxed scarf to achieve the ideal look. 

Blazer: Cut25 
Scarf: Emma Cook 
Necklace: Dominic Jones
T-Shirt: KAIN 
Jeans: MIH Jeans 
Shoes: Kat Maconie 
How to wear your Blazer for a ladies night look

Ladies night is for you to feel good about yourself, nothing else does it then a gorgeous pair of shoes. Wear these leopard print heels with a simple black and white dress for maximum impact. Now that the weather is cooling team it with your blazer to take off the chill. Not only will this make you feel like a million dollars you will also attract the right attention. 

Blazer: Cut25 
Dress: Cut25 
Shoes: Lara Bohinc 
Earrings: Dominic Jones 
Ring: Dominic Jones 
How to wear your Blazer for a evening out look

Making a statement with a Blazer and trying not to look like you have come straight from work is all about working the colors and textures involved. The blazer tends to be quite stiff so teaming it with a fluffy T and silk skirt seams like the perfect solution. Use colors that pop against each other like the bag and top here with matching jewelry. Team it all with a killer pair of heels for the perfect evening look.

Blazer: Cut25 
T-Shirt: Sister by Sibling 
Bag: Angel Jackson 
Skirt: IRO
Earrings: NOIR 
Bracelete: NOIR 
Shoes: Darmarki 
How to wear your Blazer for an in the office look

Wearing your blazer in the office and trying to stand out form all the office workers is oh so easy when you know how. First of all wear flats for a modern twist on a suit, heels can be worn for the important meetings though. Wear your blazer with a high waisted tube skirt this then brings the attention to you waist line rather then your hips where the jacket will fall. Match it with a shirt like this colbolt blue which is very high trend. Wear your jewelry so it brakes up the color of the blazer a pair of gold earrings and a ring with work. 

Blazer: Cut25 
Shirt: Cut25 
Skirt: KAIN 
Glasses: Cutler and Gross 
Shoes: Kat Maconie 
Earrings: Maria Francesca Pepe 
Ring: Dominic Jones
How to wear your Blazer for a VIP event look

The dress is key to this look, it has to be show stopping. This floor length waterfall dress in a mustard yellow is and ideal dress to team with the leather lapeled blazer as the dress has a leather waist belt. Like for the office look you want the attention going to your waist which will give you great shape. Team this elegant look with glamourous earrings and a modern berate. Make sure your heels are not distracting from your upper half, this is what you want people to notice. 

Blazer: Cut25 
Dress: Cut25 
Headpiece: Benoit Missolin
Earrings: MAWI 
Heels: Darmaki  

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