In tribute to UAE 41st National Day

We know, we know they are amazing, we posted about these tribute rings on our facebook page but thought we would show you them tried and tested! In tribute for United Arab Emirates 41st National Day jewelry house Sough to release a set of 4 silver knuckle rings, each holding one color of the UAE flag.  

Sough is an in house brand and Jewellery works company based in United Arab Emirates by Designer and founder Sheikha Fatima Al Qassimi. "We make our own handmade jewellery for our own brand SOUGH as well as our guest designers around the globe." 
Bullets and Butterflies, a concept store carrying multiple brands from different parts of the world and focusing mainly on promising emerging designers. "At B&B, we are always on the look out for fresh and exciting talent. Sough was the ideal brand to collaborate with for this joyful event in honor of a great nation." 

We want to hear your opinion on them too so once you have purchaced your rings take your picture and post it on our facebook page timeline, cant wait to see how you style them! 

Available from 25/26th November, exclusively at Bullets and Butterflies, Limited editions. The other rings featured in this trial are by Maria Francesca Pepe.

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