Hallo(win) Win Situation: Costume Ideas

While your Halloween invites have been piling up and ideas running out, we worked on  creating some looks from 'everyday' pieces that you can REALLY wear afterwards. 

Most looks are retro inspired but be sure that you can dress up and down these elements as you please. 

1970's Pin up girl 

Mad Men Agent

Queen of Hearts, perhaps?
Image 1: 
Shirt, denim (Marrakesh), vest all by Made in Heaven
Sunglasses by Cutler & Gross 
Flower headband by Benoit Missolin

Image 2: 
White shirt by Iro 
Light blue shirt by Omar Kashoura 
Holster by Mouton Collet
Glasses by Cutler & Gross
Tie and bow tie by Cor Sine Labe Doli 

Image 3: 
Headband by Benoit Missolin 


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