What if Bill Cunningham was a Judge for the Dubai World Cup Style Stakes?

In my opinion, i find it that it makes so much sense to invite the legend as a guest judge to the racegoers  style competition. I'm pretty sure that Bill Cunningham's presence will create such chaos in every DWCSS entrant's wardrobe, let alone the media frenzy. Why?? Simply, because...

1.He was a milliner  before accidentally becoming a fashion photojournalist. 

2. His contagious pursuit of fashion. 

3. Anna Wintour looks out for him when she's walking down the streets of New York!!

If you haven't had the chance to get a copy of the documentary "Bill Cunningham New York" which is based around the life of the relentless legendary street photographer, i can only offer you  the trailer here. 

Well, it might be too late this year since the big event is only 10 days away.  But, there is no excuse for anyone attending to miss out on the fun of being dressed unusually for the occasion. We can only help with a few words of wisdom and images of what the boutique offers. 

These are just a few striking headpieces, more options available on our Facebook page so, make sure you check those out. 

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