Show me your teeth!

Bite me, why don't you?

I know i have been quite inactive with blogging lately, but it's all because we've been very busy in our office doing things to bring you juicy, juicy news.

Highlights of the week

One...We landed our first interview with Grazia this week and it's been fun talking about how this whole thing came together so, make sure you get your copy of next week's issue to know things that haven't been discussed here or anywhere else. 

Two...We received our last few shipments of goodies for this season and, they will be out on the shop floor soon so, stay tuned for updates on brands and best selling pieces. 

Three...Hmmmm...oooh! A customer came by this week and bought a Union Jack door mat amongst other items. He was nice enough to send us a picture of his newly-purchased home accessory in place. Take a look...

Image courtesy of Khalifa Al Suwaidi

You, too, can send us images of your fab finds from B&B and we'll upload them. 

Anyway, I hope you people had a lovely, freakishly-cool weekend. 

The only right way to end this weekend is by playing Dash Berlin's Never Cry Again number loud enough to throw you in a trance state.... to your Halloweekend. 

Edit: The title is inspired by a saying a friend of mine would use a little more than necessary. Shout out to my one and only Queen B. 


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