I apologize for letting you down by going MIA on the big day but i was (your choice of synonym for exhausted). I honestly wanted to post all the juicy stuff on the opening day. 

Store's Exterior

I'm trying to think of a way to start talking about how it all went but, as cliche as this may sound, it felt like a dream. Many friends were there to support and celebrate the beginning of Bullets and Butterflies, bless them ♥. Two people walked out of the store dressed in their freshly bought items. We've also had some random squeals from people setting eyes on a certain corner (I got a pit in my stomach every time some one did that). But, thankfully, the reviews from customers have never been more exciting. And the men's collection was also a smash hit on many levels. I'm trying to keep this as brief as possible because if I allow myself to go on, this post will be four pages long. 

Needless to say, it was everything and more i ever wanted for a first day. 

See you in This space, soon 

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